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About Us

A simple and effective communication are just some of the goals we aim to reach.

Tmedia is the ideal partner for whomever wants to profit by advertising, without having to mind all of its related issues. We’ve been experimenting with all types of integrated communication on the Italian, Slovenian and Croatian market since 1997. Our long-term experience has allowed our team to enrich its know-how in all the phases of communication, including the invention of a communication strategy and the verification of its results.

Our strenght is our sincere and cooperative relationship with our clients, which aims to maximise the yield of a settled budget. Our value added is our multiculturalism, which allows us to be perfect interpreters for whomever wants to enter any market of the Alpe-Adria area.

A consultant helps our clients throughout all the phases of the communication by suggesting the most effective tools and strategies for a successful advertising campaign. Focusing exclusively on the client’s interest, the whole process is carried out with high quality standards, which are fundamental to transform a great idea in an excellent investment.